DONT JUST MOAN ABOUT IT -DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!  Sounds harsh I know, but that is what Im doing now.  Otherwise, things are never going to change.

I know what I want out of life, DO YOU?


Ive had to re-evaluate my life and its future and basically, I dont want to be like this for another 16 years (which is how long I've struggled for.)  I now have the wisdom, patience and experience, to move forward and ensure that my future is not like this.  I dont want to change just for myself but also so that I can help others.  Im not saying I'm a massive saint but it bothers me, if I cant help out my younger sister or perhaps just help out friends.

I am currently building an ecommerce store and I would like to share with you, some ideas and helpful resources, that I have come across over the last 2 years.

To enable me to move forward with my online store, I need to ensure I have funds to keep up the hosting fee and also to be able to advertise.  Therefore, the internet is FULL OF MONEY MAKING IDEAS - But, where do you start?

I hope that from this site, you will make use of the resources offered and I would love to get a forum going on this aswell - although, Ive added some very useful business forum addresses that are worth signing up to.

Good luck to each and everyone of you - like me, want to change your life for the better.



I have a good  selection of freebies, which will be useful to you if you are setting up or already have a website.

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 If like me, you work full time but STILL live payday to payday - THEN READ ON!!

I am a 31 year old gal and I live alone.  I work as a sales advisor for a mobile phone company, which I do enjoy.  However, I am always struggling to pay the bills and even run out of food before the next payday -AND I AM SICK OF IT!!!

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